10 Great Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you’re trying to increase your website traffic fast there are multiple ways of doing so, in this guide I’ll go through some of the best known tactics webmasters are using. Driving traffic to your website can be a daunting task and break the bank, although it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many free ways of getting targeted visitors that only cost time.


Write great content


If you’re in a rush to get traffic to your website writing quality content is a great solution, although many business owners aren’t sure what to write about. Below you’ll find a few tools we use here at 195seo to help generate great content ideas for our clients.

Google Insights - Google insights is a brilliant tool for identifying hot topics trending, if used correctly new ideas for content will be easy to come by.

Realtime - This tool searches social media platforms for trending topics in your industry and can generate some good ideas for your own business.

Content Idea Generator- This tool is great for finding potential outreach partners; it scans the Twitter bios for specified keywords, so once you’ve got your content idea use this tool to help spread the word!


Focus on Long Tail keywords

New website in particular can have great difficulties in ranking for competitive key phrases. The best practice is to write many quality articles and publish them on your own blog. Long tail keywords usually convert better as they’re targeted to the specific products you are selling. Below are some tools that can assist in this process

HitTail – HitTail is helpful in analyzing your existing traffic to determine the best keywords to go after.

Wordstream – This is a brilliant tools for suggesting what key phrases you should be targeting, it has grouping features and is free to use.


Make sure your website has a sitemap


Having a sitemap on your website helps google find your pages easier, without a sitemap installed Google can get confused and not index the pages you want to appear in the search results. This is especially true if you have videos on your website, Google will then be able to index the video into its search results rather than redirecting your visitors to Youtube. Below are some tools to help.

BWP Google XML SitemapsThis is a great lightweight easy to set up plugin for WordPress.

Magento Sitemap – Another lightweight sitemap for your Magento website.


Resolve all errors on your website

Google can have issues indexing pages on your website if they contain markup errors, you can log into webmaster tools and click on the crawl tab to view the error list. It’s also very important to fix your on-page errors, see below for helpful tools.

Google Webmaster Tools – The one stop shop for server and website errors

Screaming Frog – We’ve used screaming frog for years, it’s a free tool that crawls your website for errors and on-page issues.

Moz Crawler – The Moz crawler can explore up to 3000 links on one URL




Although there isn’t a huge amount of evidence that speed can affect your Google rankings, it’s imperative that your website loads fast on all browsers and platforms; this can greatly reduce your bounce rate.

GT MetrixGtmetrix is probably one of the best known website speed tests, they have cms specific optimization tips so it’s really worth taking a look at. Gtmetrix is feature rich and is my personal favorite.

PageSpeed Insights – This is a Google based product that tests your website on all known media and desktop devices

Web Page Test – This tool allows you to test your website from different locations all around the world; it’s possible to test video and content blocking.


Remove bad links

Make sure your backlink profile is squeaky clean to avoid any slight or full penalization from Google; there are many tools out there to aid you in this process.

Rmoov – Rmoov has lots of features, its main purpose is to ease on the link removal process by setting up email templates. It can then send your link removal email to all of your specified domains automatically.

Link Detox – This is an easy to use tool that will check your backlink profile to determine your unhealthy links and can be used to export the list to the Google Disavow tool.

Google Disavow Tool – This tool should only be used as a last resort to remove unhealthy backlinks after all other steps have been taken.


Title your articles with relevant search information

Using a key phrase in an article will help Google understand what the article is about, although be very cautious with this and do NOT spam the keywords throughout the content.


Social Media


Social media is the BEST platform to let the world know about your websites content, if you’ve written something brilliant it has a great chance of going viral. Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook in particular are awesome tools for generating repeat business and attracting new customers.  I’ll list a few of my favourite social media management tools below.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is a great place to manage all of your social media activities in one place.

Tweepi – Tweepi is a Twitter based platform to manage and engage with your follower base, we’ve found it to be very helpful in clearing up your Twitter account.

Sprout Social – Sprout social is best used to engage with your social media contacts in a much more efficient fashion.


Free E-Book

Putting together a free e-book is a brilliant way of gaining natural inbound links to your website; it’s also possible to set up an e-book on a pay-by-tweet scheme where your visitors have to tweet about you in order to download the book.

Pay With A Tweet – This system enables you to sell your E-Books or in fact any product in exchange for tweets which could help products go viral.

HubSpot Templates – Hubspot offer five free E-Book templates for you to download, you’ll only need to enter your details to download them.


WordPress Plugins to help a websites overall performance

All of these plugins are extremely lightweight and will enhance a website speed or not effect it at all.

YoastSEO – Yoast eases the process of optimising a website, it has an easy to use user interface and helps with suggestions

Display Widgets – Display widgets allows you to hide widgets on selected pages which is very handy.

Simple 301 Redirects – This is a great 301 redirect plugin; it allows a user to easily redirect pages on their website without the difficulty of accessing the htaccess file.

Social Media Feather – Unlike most social sharing icons/widgets this plugin is super lightweight with lots of options.

W3 Total Cache – In my opinion this plugin far exceeds any other speed optimisation add-on out there, it’s very possible to increase a websites speed by around 70%. Although this plugin should be used with care; there are many guides out there to aid you in settings the plugin up.



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